Is this a good story idea?


This is my story idea. Do you like it? (If you don’t get the story description I can explain more, just say)
Title : Welcome, Mr. professor.
Style : Ink
A mad professor, DJ Williams, comes to teach new a new “education strategy” at St. James’s Public school, a school full of unruly children. With a beautiful disability support teacher, Miss Peggy, a mafia leader and many dramas, it is clear that it will be a hectic school year.

It’s a comedy story. It’s basically about this mad professor coming to sub a class, using the new “education strategies” he thought up as a test to see if they work.
They don’t but he thinks they do. He has a brother, whom is a mafia leader (He was born into the mafia, but he decided to become a professor instead. The mafia leader brother is a pretty cliche kind of person. ) who comes to the class to visit his brother, as one of the weird things of the “strategy” is “Family of the teacher is met” He doesn’t want to come but he is soon coming to see and try to flirt with Miss Peggy, a support teacher of a young disabled girl.
. she is not fully disabled but she has autism and needs help to do her work.
So the characters navigate life, and the education strategy causes much hardship for all of them. Is this a good idea? I know it doesn’t seem very good as of know but Im still on the drawing board so… idk. Please text your feedback.


I think this is a good idea for a story, but I don’t know if the whole mafia thing would fit in. I personally am not a fan of mafia stories, but I think it would be a great idea to write a story about a disabled kid. It would be even more interesting if you write it in the disabled kid’s point of view. However this is just my personal opinion. Good luck on your story!!


Okay I was kind of unsure about the mafia part anyway, actually. I didn’t think it would fit in but my friend loves mafia stories and wanted me to write one (so do i but yeah I’m really bad at writing them…)
Thanks for your feedback and I want to write a story about a disabled kid maybe i could even cut the professer part out


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