Is this a good story ideaa?

The story is basically romance, what happens is Cara’s classmate from the past moves into the same school. (he’s a jackass but in a Romantic way) (he has a girlfriend) their teacher organizes a project, basically they go on a trip out of the country and do it. The teacher partners up Cara and the boy, his girlfriend then gets jealous and blackmails Cara with something that happened in the past.

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Very basic.


Honestly, people may think this is cliche. But if you write it the right way, I would read the heck out of it.


Let’s juggle some ideas together.

I agree… Im out of good ideas;(

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What do i change to improve it? Or do you have another great idea?

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Don’t think that way. Many authors enter something called a writer’s block, and you can also do that before you even start writing. It is very important and essentail to the story that you develop a well-thought out plot beforehand.

  • Cara’s mom gets a call that her old time friend is moving back to town and going to her new school. She should help him get around until he figures it out himself.

  • His girlfriend is very sweet and loyal towards him, so when she realizes how close he and Cara are getting she feels betrayed. So then she blackmails Cara out of true love.

I like this

  • Cara doesn’t have feelings for him, like she really only views him as friend, Instead Cara has a crush on someone else.
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If I’m completely honest it sounds like a story episode has already done, but if you change it up a bit and make it more realistic then I would definitely give it a try! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I will very much do that, thank you!

Thank you for being honest!!

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OMG yesss!!!

Thank you!!

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No problem!

If you ever need any other ideas, you can check some ideas out here.

Thank you so much

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I’m glad I could help you :blush:

What do you think is a good title for that story?

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All For Love
All My Love
Love From The Past

I really suck at titles.