Is this a good story opening?

After CC and naming the character, I’m thinking about story the actual story of with MC’s family having like a family meeting in the living room. They are either talking or waiting for the MC. The MC sleepily walks into the living room and her parents start the “meeting”. The MC is giving the news that they are moving. The reader gets to choose how the MC reacts to said news. If the reader picks the understanding choice, then they gain a point from their parents. If they pick the other option then they lose a point.

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In my opinion, I would recommend not to start your story directly with the MC receiving the news about moving to another town. In my opinion, you should start the story telling about the MC’s normal life.

The reader should know the characters of your story properly in order for them to feel something for the character.

Writing a story is just like setting up a table, first you will need to keep vessels on the table in order to serve the food.

Therefore, I would recommend you to show about normal life of MC in first chapter, tell the readers how it leads to the scene that you are planning. Then maybe you can put this scene that you are planning at the end of 1st or 2nd chapter.

So should I have the MC do things that she normally does and then when she comes home then I do the scene where she gets the news? I think I might make the family meeting the last scene and her getting the information is the last thing that happens. Then the second episode continues where the first left off and the reader gets the option on how they respond to the news.

I hope this make sense.

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Your opening sounds interesting- the reader is hit with the news that they’re moving right in the first chapter. I don’t think you can build up relationships with the MC and people around her in the first episode for it to have a big impact if she’s planning to be moving straight after. If the story is based around her moving, then why not spring the news at the first chapter. Sounds good to me. It’s like getting straight into the story, instead of just introducing characters like most stories do. You can always slowly introduce the characters after, but showing is way better than telling. It’s up to you at the end of the day :sweat_smile: good luck with writing :heart_hands:

If this were me, I would perhaps start with a scene that takes place sometime in the future (no spoilers or anything big happening of course) but something that’ll hook the reader into thinking “how did they end up in this situation?” and then pull it back to “the present time” if you like, with what you’re suggesting about the conversation with the parents. This way the reader’s immediately hooked and wants to see how the story unfolds to end up in that moment. Best of luck writing <3

You could start the story with the announcement that the family are moving and after the shocked expression on the MCs face, go to earlier that day or the day before and show the perfect life that’s going to be rudely interrupted. Ending episode one back with the announcement and letting the reader pick their response.

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