Is this a good story plot? Or is it too average?

So I have written one story, Mi Princesa Hermosa (go check it out :slight_smile:) and am in process of writing another. Do y’all think this is an interesting or boring plot? Please leave suggestions.
It is about a girl who was in a gang, then finds out that her boyfriend (the gang leader) killed her twin sister, so she joins the rival gang and falls in love with that leader and they start dating, and he helps her get revenge on her ex for her sister

Thank you!

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That sounds like a really amazing action pact plot it’s just that It’s sounds really cliche…But there’s nothing wrong with cliche it’s the way you portray your story. :slight_smile:


For me only for me it’s not so good, but it’s not bad.

Here’s why;
The MC falls in love with a gang leader, There are so many stories like that, but your story atleast like has that she joins the rival gang, but it would be weird because for me irl I would still like my ex even if he dumped me or cheated on me, but overall I would love to read ir, because I love twin things and I’d like to see how it turns out.

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Um, it’s pretty cliche, the whole gang, revenge thing, but it all depends on how well it’s told and executed.

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I’m so sick of gang stories. Whenever I see a story with gang or mafia in the description I automatically leave

This sounds pretty good. Cant wait to read.

Sounds kinda cliche but could work if it’s well written.

Too cliche in my opinion. Not really original since many others have done it before. :neutral_face:

Even thought I already commented, I agree. It sounds like every story on episode.
“Falling for gang leader” is just so overused
I wouldn’t include that if I were you but just my opinion


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