Is this a good story plot to read?

I just asked for feedback but I would like to know if this sounds like a good plot.

I’m planning on writing a story where love is considered a disease and is called The Dead Man Disease. On your eighteenth birthday you get cured and paired with another person. I’m this world “the advisors” control everything you do. Girls and boys would be paired up together, so lgbtq relationships are not allowed. I was planning on having the MC fall in love with a girl (the Mc is a girl) so it would be the big plot on how they try and escape together to live happily ever after etc. There would obviously be some obstacles in their way. would you want to read this story?


Sounds really complex, but also interesting. I would definitely read it, so long as this part…

…is explained well enough. Like not giving your readers an information dump, but also not being too vague that readers are left in the dark for the first three episodes, for example.

Yeah, I was just trying to give a vague plot without giving anything away. I will make sure my readers know enough information but not TOO much information.

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It sounds like a really interesting topic/idea! I would love toto read a episode story like this :smile:

I would read this, as long as we get a bada** MC! :heart_eyes::grin:

Very clever idea! Oppressive societies create great suspense and rebellion is fun to read about. Also diversity. Overall, I’d read it.