Is this a good story plot?

I have my own story lore so the location names will be odd/not familiar

Golden Valley is a quaint farm town located in Asteria outside of the Tenebrae walls. With war waging through the outside land and at the Asteria Walls, Golden Valley is a utopia hidden from the conflict. Mia is forced to evacuate from her home in Tenebrae’s District 3, despite her father’s death he was convicted for crimes against the tenebrae crown and his family faced the consequences. Mia and her Mother were forced outside the walls and seeked refugee in Golden Valley. Mia meets new people and slowly rebuilds her life. She experiences true happiness and even falls in love. However, after finding a corpse of someone who was seemingly alive made her rethink everything. Mia is unsure if what she’s seeing is real or if she’s hallucinating. Finding the bodies of the small town members in odd places yet they’re in town alive as ever. Mia finds out Golden Valley is not a quaint farm town but a dead ghost town. Every person she knows in that town are dead and don’t realize it. Turns out Golden Valley wasn’t a utopia from the war but was one of the first places affected by it.


The plot is great, but the part that ‘she slowly rebuilts her life and even falls in love’ seems a bit odd. Maybe because I think that, someone who has been through so much at a young age (I aimn’t sure if she’s young thou :joy:) cannot behave and be totally normal again. So I think you would’ve to think again on that part.

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i looove the twist at the end :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :laughing:

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I like it, would definitely check it out

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