Is this a good story plot? 🤔

Ok so here I go.

This story takes place in the early 2000s
You and your brother are twins in the story :blush:
And were born in 1989 it’s 2005 :blush:
You have a sister who is alot older than you
But still lives at home because she can’t find a job
She’s 20 born in 1985
And one little brother the age of 8 born in 1996
After the years you and your brother grow closer and closer apart and when you go to see the new movie
Monster in law :eyes:
You realize your brothers texting on his flip phone all throughout the movie
You try to catch a peek but he covers it up
After the movie you all go to get something to eat
But your brother keeps on texting :eyes:
Your father finally yells
And your brother looks up still unfazed from his texting his fingers smash on the keys while he looks up at your father.
“Nothing, just texting a friend”
You and your brother argue with your father
You of course taking your father’s side
You and your brother green out of closeness it’s like you can read him anymore
But one night that all changes when you follow him at night
You and your best friend maria and Anthony follow him to a alley into a building
And see a group of people
Your brother takes off his jacket to reveal a suit
A superhero like suit
You look at your best friends
As they shrug
But then you all gasp
As you see your brother using his powers
Just like spider Man in that 2002 movie with Tobey McGuire who has over 2000 quotable memes but your brother has different powers and this reference was completely useless
You all back up hitting a trash can making the crowd turn your way
Your brother and you love eyes as he angrily comes toward you grabbing your arm harshly
“What are you doing here?” He asks harshly
His friends look at him in confusion
There’s about 6 people in the group as you can see so far
You meet eyes with this beautiful woman and handsome man
"Let her/him go! (Idk the gender yet lol :thinking:I’m going to have to learn branching if I will let the mc pick their gender :blush:)
You look at them confused and unleash your hand from your brothers grip
And back away a bit
“What am I doing here?
What are YOU doing here”
He looks at you
Dead in the eye
“I asked you FIRST”
The team of people and your best friends watch back and fourth as you both argue with each other screaming and punching

Then Maria quickly steps in
Maria had been dating your brother for some time now and looked him deep in the eye
She held his hand as he sighed

Wow my best friend can stop my brother but I can’t :unamused: you think to yourself

“That’s because you have no sense NAME”

You look at him as do Maria and Anthony confused as you

Did I say that out loud?

You think as your brother rolls his eyes

“Of course not I can read your memory”

He says rolling his eyes

“You all should come inside it’s not safe out here” he says ushering you in.

"I don’t trust this place, and I can’t trust you!!’

“What makes you think I’d want to go inside?”
You ask breaking away from him dragging you.

He looks at you and sighs
“I need to explain some things”

He placed a hand on your shoulder.

“Please, I didn’t want you to find out like this”

You sigh

He’s your brother after all

You agree and walk inside
You see the group of people and then look down to see

Your brother and sister???

“What are you both doing here???”

“We need to…“explain” some things”

Your older sister says

Your little brother looks at you rolling his eyes

“You shouldn’t have come here NAME”
He says as you flinch
He was always such a sweet person but for him to talk to you like this made you creeped out
Your best friends sits down as you look at your siblings in super suits
You take a seat next to the handsome man you saw earlier and look at your brother.

“Mike what’s going on…”

You ask as you scan the room
Everyone looks at you with annoyance.

“A long time ago Name, our parents did something awful that they themselves don’t even know about”

Your big sister speaks

“They gave themselves away-”

Mike raises his hand to shush her.

“They went to a elders house when Mom was pregnant with Anna (older sister), because they couldn’t make it to the hospital”

“Mom was so sick and so tierd she couldn’t carry on”

“But the elderly woman was “so worried” for her she gave her a drink”

“Mom asked what was in it, and the lady said”

“This will make you nice and strong again, so drink up!”

“After drinking whatever was in that cup, she felt so much better again”

“But wouldn’t mom know if she told you this story?”

Mike shook his head.

“No, but she always told that story about the woman name…”

“You know her…we visit her house every summer”

You run your chin


He nods his head

"She pulled me aside one day at the house along with Anna and Kellen (younger brother) "

You crossed your arms

“How come I wasn’t told?”

Your brother cracked a smile

“She thought you wouldn’t be able to handle the Truth”

"She thought you were to “pure”
He laughs and you roll your eyes


He rolls his eyes

“Whatever was in that cup name…gave us superpowers”


I might improve some lines and scenes but what do you think? :blush:


Sorry for any errors in my sleeping I got sleepy writting this


Ooh, it sounds interesting and like something i would personally want to read.

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Anything I should add or remove? :thinking: If you don’t mind me asking

Maybe, add a villain or an enemy of some sort to it? And what do they use their superpowers for?

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Good question and idea!

I think I’ll add a villan who wants to find the old lady ?

Or take over the world :grin:

As for the powers

To fight crime now :grin:

Thanks for the idea!

Your welcome, and I’d love to read it once its published

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Sure I’ll try to PM you once it’s done :blush:

Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: