Is this a good title?


so my story is called The Suicide Club, but i don’t know if it’s too triggering for people. the story is not directly about suicide and does not promote it at all. should i change it or does it seem okay? (im putting a warning at the beginning of each chapter)


How many main characters that we need to focus in in there?


there’s like 12 that are important to the story but only like 5 that are really focused on. the rest are kinda like background characters.


How about The Elite 5 Or
The 5 To Be?


Im Horrible At Names lol :sweat_smile:


lol :joy: i like the one that I have but I just don’t want it to be triggering to someone. the ones you came up with are good too :+1:


Even though the title suggests it maybe just warn people in the description. However, I think the title is fitting to the plot and “5 to be” is a good name for the main group.


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