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Where We Belong—

Maria’s hiding. Anna’s lying. Corey’s drinking. Lane is suffering. Beth is falling. Apart, these very different friends will have the same tragic ending. But together, they can navigate and protect each other in this world, and perhaps find where they belong.

The description will be shorter of course, but for now this is my synopsis.

A second note:

Would my characters be a cliche?

Maria: a transgender struggling to come out as who she really is.

Anna: a girl being abused by her brother after her parents death seven years ago.

Corey: spoiled rich kid who drinks himself into a depression

Lane: a straight A student caught in a routine, but meeting someone else makes him want to break free.

Beth: the twin of Lane, his lifeline, his support. But when an opportunity of a life time arises, will she be able to let him live on his own? Or will the pressure to protect him be too great?

Due to a topic I saw earlier, I figured including sibling relationships would be a good idea. Would Lane, Beth, and Corey be too much of a cliche?


Lane is definitely the most cliche on there, but the others are very original!! I would totally read this, especially if there is good directing and a good story plot! :blush:

this sounds very interesting!

I think that it’s important to keep Maria’s storyline accurate and respectful since coming out can be touchy and dangerous for some, depending on their situation, but that’s a solid story idea. I also like Anna’s, same situation as Maria’s, it’s about a touchy topic. I think Corey and Lane’s storylines could be great if written well and not too cliche. Overall, I love the storylines you’ve chosen, although I’m kind of confused about Beth’s.
I’m sorry if this sounds too critical. I absolutely adore your opening paragraph, it was super captivating and I would definitely read this story!

i would totally read it!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep that in mind while writing this story. Also, Beth is the twin of Lane who feels burdened with the responsibility of protecting Lane.

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