Is this allowed or against the guidelines?

In my story I mention the book Harry Potter.
Is this against the guidelines?

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I think as long as you’re just mentioning it in passing you should be fine. Something like: “Harry Potter is my favorite book.”

@Tyler would be able to help you more though. :grin:

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it isn’t against guideline, it should be fine . I mentioned:

“Have you read the manga called The Dark Hunters?” It’s amazing! You should try it, it’s next on my reading list."

Yeah, I have:

“Reading Harry Potter again?

Then I’d say that’s okay. If you’re still worried you can always ask support.

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Thank you for the fast answer!

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You can put “Parry Hotter” and people will know :wink:

Thought about this too! Would be the safer option :slight_smile:

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References to something are okay as long as it’s not the main focus of the story or something like that


Closed: looks to be answered. Thanks all for the assist! :v: