Is this allowed under community guideline?

Hey guys,
So I was just looking at the content guidelines and I can’t figure out if an eating disorder would be allowed.

The only thing I guess it would come under would be self harm but I wouldn’t really say it breaks any of the guidelines above :woman_shrugging:t3:

It wouldn’t be graphic, it wouldn’t be used as a relief and she’d over come it.
Any ideas if this is allowed? :blob_hearts:

I think it’s allowed. Just don’t make it too extreme and give trigger warnings in the beginning or in every chapter. It’s a form of self harm but if you don’t heavily portray it/make it extreme, you should be fine since it says any self harm graphic and detailed is against the guidelines.

Thankyou so much! :heart:
Yeah I would put trigger warnings regardless and I’ll make sure not to make it graphic or too extreme like you say :sweat_smile: :blob_hearts:

yeah, just like someone said above don’t make it too graphic. and maybe add an option to skip the scene to those who are sensitive to the topic <3


Thankyou so much :relaxed: I’ll make sure to add one! :blob_hearts:

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