Is this an okay edit? :) :)<:



Hey guys im a new editor and writer… so is this edit OK


The link doesn’t work, can you try another link? or just inserting the photo?




Lol I was just wondering do u use layers when u edit or do u do it just in one layer oh and thats ight hope u get better in time :slightly_smiling_face:


what are layers? sorry i am new to this


What app do u use?




Idk how to explain it but layers are like layers lol like u can but the outline in the top and then make another layer and color it and it will look a lot better in my opinion sorry I can’t explain it good


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thats really good, especially when your using, you can try (not that website but its actually the name of the software) which you can download here and as for android use Ibis PaintX or Medibang Paint thats what literally everyone use!


Okay thanks