Is This An Okay Prank?


Is this okay?..

My friend Elisa doesn’t have many friends on social media…I wanna make her a fake account on Episode to promote her Instagram and Twitter accounts…is that okay?


I am honestly not so sure. I don’t understand why you don’t just advertise her social medias.


Yeah… maybe not. I can’t advertise it that easily…


Do whatever lol you just want to help a friend out no problem with that what is her insta I can give her a shoutout and follow her I got a little over 300 followers :joy:


Can you shot me out too lmao


Yes girl! :joy:


A prank? Lol :grin:
It seems pretty friendly and harmless.
If she’s as close to you as you say, i’m sure she’d appreciate it.


That’s good! You don’t want too many friends on social media. And of course, if you want you can give her a shoutout to show your appreciation for her helpfulness, and thank her for support :purple_heart:


A fan page? Will she know about this?


No…I’ll tell her after…


Moved to General Chat as it is not about Episode content. :wink:


Lol to be honest If she wants to have more friends on social media then it’s okay…
But for me it looks like you are doing her a favour, but again it really depends on her and her reaction.
You know the best if she’s gonna be happy or mad.
(Lol I love that idea btw…:joy:)


I don’t think it will cause to much of an impact. Just make an account and see how it fairs.