Is this biography intresting?

Hey, guys!

As some of you may know… I’m writing a story on episode and finished the draft of the biography! Whether you like it or not I want your opinion, your true oppinion.


Black Diamond disappeared from the lights of Law right after winning the case of Christian Nadir. However, will the steamy night with Leonardo Moretti be the last? Perhaps being a librarian is not as fancy as it appears and maybe the returning will occur earlier than expected!

Thanks in advance, Erosias!

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Wow that sounds very captivating!! The biography is already really good but as a personal preference, I like biographies ending with a cliffhanging question such as: ‘Perhaps being a librarian is not as fancy as it appears… will her return occur earlier than expected?’ although it sounds good either way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Thanks for the feedback <3

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