Is this ending good?

I’ve already planned 5 stories and this one is going to be probably my last one.

The story is about a socially awkward girl and a boy with a sad past. They have similar personalities. It takes 2 months for the MC to realize that she is in love with the LI(it’s not a slow-burn). They confess their feeling to each other but there is something that stops them from being together. I won’t spoil it.
In the end, they are together and everything seems good. But then it turns out the whole thing was a movie shoot. In real life, the MC and the LI are good friends and the MC is 30(she was 30 the whole time) and she has a wife(she is pansexual and in the story she is bisexual) and kids. The LI is a single man and he is a manwhore and he is sleeping around with the girls.

How is it? Is it too messed up?:rofl: I am doing it for real but I want to know how would y’all feel if any of the stories that y’all read ends up like that? Is it good?


That’s a plot twist, well I really love it, it’s different from any other ending and I would definitely read it! It sound awesome and unique,!


I would be sad if I would connect with characters you know but like I would like it too ahahhaa

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I think I would be numb and just create my own ending in my dreams, but you do what you must for a plot twist ending!:smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh my god. That’s a great ending. I’d definitely want to read this. Could you maybe give me a link?

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I haven’t published this story yet. It will be probably finished by the end of the next year lol

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