Is this explanation clear enough?

I find it hard to uhm… word myself in English but here I’m trying to explain that you can choose to wear a hijab later on in the story and that your whole family will wear it. However if you want to change you’re outfit later on then everyone in you’re family won’t wear a hijab! do you think that this is a good explanation ? or is it rude? how would you say it?


It’s not rude at all. I think it’s a clear explanation :woman_shrugging:t3:

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alright thanks!

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Before we begin I’d like to tell you something important!
I couldn’t understand the 3rd sentence??

Oh are you saying you’ll wear the hijab when you get dressed for work?

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yes because she works. I also try to say that the whole family wears the hijab the moment the reader chooses that type of clothing but if for example this happens:
reader chooses to wear a hijab
this will make sure that the whole family changes to wearing a hijab
now the day ends.
Next day reader chooses to not wear a hijab
everyone in the family will not wear a hijab

When she goes to work will that be the only time she wears it?
If so or not, I could write you a clearer version? Only as I couldn’t really understand what it meant.

no she will wear it at home aswell but her day at work are long so she starts early at the morning and is very late home this way you see her usually wear it at her job she doesn’t need to wear a special uniform or something

Yup its alright.

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