Is this good or bad

Does this look good or bad. The character edits are from @Jayla12 NOT MINE


  • It looks ugly
  • I love It

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Sorry, I got bored and made this just for fun. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I always do that


Hehe, it’s just so fun! :joy:
Good luck with your story! x

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I am sorry I voted ugly…but I thought there are threads where a better cover could be made. I mean it’s very good but there are threads where u can get a better cover. This was my honest answer. Plz don’t be mad. :disappointed_relieved:

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I think to make it better the word broken could have cracks in it as though it is broken too :blush: But I like it!

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I’m not trying to be mean or anything, so please, don’t come at me in a rude way. I just think that it could be better. :wink:

Same here.

I put ugly, but it’s more it could use improvement to me. You can see a white outline around part of the characters. I hope you don’t mind my input. :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps it’s better to write “this looks nice/doesn’t look nice,” I don’t think ugly is the appropriate term to use when voting in a poll for whether a cover, or anything else, looks good or not. This is just my opinion and I mean no offense😊 I’d be really careful with the wording. Regardless, people will have different opinions; does it appeal to you?

Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: