Is this happening to anyone?


Whenever I’m trying to preview my story, this is happening! :expressionless:
I have to refresh the page to preview! :confused:


yes that’s happening to me too it means somthing is wrong with the script


There’s nothing wrong in my script!
There’s only one error and that is: about my background being pending.


Are there any warnings


my background was in review




Try it on your phone


mine started doing the same, it started today.


Yep. Mine started happening about 10 hours ago, but was working perfectly fine 11 hours ago


That happened to me when I tried text effects, but when I got rid of them, it worked again :thinking:


Oh my gosh, this happened to me waaaaay before people started to get this problem. Now it seems like the majority or writers get this! wtf is going on…


Mine was doing that yesterday… I don’t know what the issue is… :frowning: I haven’t checked today though so maybe it’s changed?


it has happened to me i found it happened is i put either @pause for ____
or is there were two lines between characters talking or moving


Yeah this has been happening to me a lot recently. Everytime I update my script and press “Save and Preview” it gives me that on my preview box :confused: and my script doesn’t have any errors. Maybe the new update is a little buggy? I’ve also been getting other errors like error: 0, so yeah.


Yeah, it’s happening because of new update.


Yep, this happened to me, too :pleading_face:


yes it’s happing to me :disappointed_relieved:


This happens to me but when I refresh it goes straight away?