Is this happening with anyone else?

Whenever i read part of a story and leave the app, when i come back onto the app, the story i was reading has refreshed. For example, i read 5 chapters of “Angel Lips” last night and added it to my favourites, but when i woke up this morning it had been reset so that all the episodes were unread and the story had been taken off of my favourites. and just now i read two episodes of “Switch”, came off the app for a brief moment and when i came back on it had been reset just like “Angel Lips” had been. Is anyone else having this problem?? I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app but it’s done no good. xx


No that hasn’t happened to me. That’s really weird. I saw another thread of someone who had the same problem when they had updated their app but they had no luck when contacting episode :pensive:


It happened to me when I updated the app!
I sent a ticket and they told me to uninstall the app then sent an email again saying the app was uninstalled and that they would let me know when to install it again!
Im still waiting tho :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Oh my, I’m sorry that happened to you! My app is already updated. I’m scared for any future updates. I don’t want to loose my reading history.

I knoww! And I’ve seen a lot of threads with the same problem!
I miss reading :pleading_face:
They said it can be fix but they sure are taking their sweet time :confounded:

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Sorry to hear about your issue, @nicollee.writes! The support team is currently dealing with a higher-than-normal flow of tickets, so replies may take longer than usual. :slight_smile:

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They answer my email today telling me I could re install my app !
And its all fixed now! My progress and all my favorite stories are back again :raised_hands:t2:
Thank you :smile:


That’s great! :grin: Want me to close this thread for you?

i tried that and it hasn’t worked for me :frowning:

how do i fix this problem?

That’s awesome!

Please submit a ticket if you haven’t done so already. :slight_smile:

I sent a ticket and they told they need to manually restore my progress and for that I needed to un install my app and then sent them another email letting them know that it was un install and that they would let me know when it was okay for me to re install it :blush:

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How do i do that?

This sometimes happens to me. But it usually happens when either i delete the app without finishing a specific episode and saving the data or if i go off the app without also finsihing the episode all the way through. maybe reasons to look out for :slight_smile:

I read Episode on 2 different Android devices, and I’ve had a number of times where I end of repeating the last chapter. Last night on one of my stories, I lost about 4 chapters of progress. The other stories seemed fine. I ended up checking both devices this morning, and both say I’ve logged out?! This has happened before, too. I certainly didn’t accidentally go into settings and accidentally log out both devices. So I try to login to Facebook, and it says my last save was from March? Ok, I write down my username and password to restore my save. Fortunately, when I login with my Facebook account, it actually does have all my save progress from April and May, except for this one book. This is the only app I use that sometimes fails to sync perfectly, and the only app that logs me out without notice.

hmm strange. i emailed them and they told me to delete the app and let them know when i did and they’d tell me when to download it again but it’s been almost a week and i’ve not heard anything

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As far as I can tell, whenever they update the app (which I often don’t even know when they do), it logs me out of Facebook on its own, and without notification. Then I run into trouble, because I use 2 different devices, and I don’t realize they aren’t syncing properly.

How long did it take them to manually restore your progress?

4 days if im not mistaken! 5 top!