Is this happing to anyon else?

I can’t use the app because it says timeout I don’t have an internet connection, but I do. I tried installing it and reinstalling it but still the same maybe it’s because my phone had no batty for a long time?

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check your internet connection. if it needs to restart, restart it.

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I try.

still give u an error?

No, thank you!:grinning:


I hate to do cause I always do this… Maybe it did not work? It doing it again.

submit a ticket . ill send the link.

OMG same a me I seriously don’t know how to fix it!!!

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This has been happening to me too except I already restarted my phone and router a multiple times and it didn’t work, I tried freeing my storage, still nothing, I did manage to open it with my mobile date but later on, it stopped working again so now I can’t open it at all, I did send them a ticket many days ago but I don’t know if they will help me or not.