Is this how to code a scene using gains and if, elifs, and elses?

Hi, I’m new to branching, and I have a few questions. I’m currently writing a story using the gains “janitor” and “kitchen.” I am using this in the latest episode (4th). In the past three episodes, readers have had choice to gain “stealth” or “confidence” points. “Stealth” points are tied to the “janitor” gain, while “confidence” points are tied to the “kitchen” gain. The total amount of points for “stealth” and “confidence” are 6 each. I am wondering if this is the correct code for branching. Here it is:

    DYLAN (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
I want to work


gain janitor


gain kitchen



#scenes for janitor gain

if(STEALTH <4){

#scenes for stealth points 1,2,3

}elif(STEALTH >3){

#scenes for stealth points 4,5,6


#scenes of kitchen gain


#scenes for confidence points 1,2,3

}elif (CONFIDENCE >3){

#scenes for confidence points 4,5,6


Is this the right coding for this? Thanks!

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This looks correct to me. Did you code this on the portal to see if there were any warnings?

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