Is this is a nice book cover?

Hi everyone. I’m writing my first story and a lot of people say the cover is important. So I made one and was wondering if it looks nice?



I love it! There’s a mysteriousness about it that’s intriguing. My only comment is that the characters are really grainy and might not show very well when it’s set as your cover on the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! What is the best way to get high quality pictures of our characters? Should I screen shot them from my phone?

Placing your characters in a script and screenshotting their animations through the app gives you the best quality! and if you do any editing to them (like on ibispaint), putting them on a canvas size 2,000 prevents them from getting blurry as well :blush:


Thank you so much!


That’s beautiful! As someone who has a ghost story, I would maybe make her slightly “see-through” by turning down the opacity of her pose just to give it a slightly more scary feel! But even this cover itself is really good!
I am going to dm you my tips and tricks for these poses ~

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Thank you!!