Is This Love?- Plot and suggestions!


So I was wondering what topics and certain things you would like me to put in my story and things to steer clear from. I want to make it as good as I can and for it to be interesting and not cliche. Since it’s taking me forever to write I thought that I would adjust it so any ideas would be great.

The plot/description:

Rose and Grayson have been in and out of foster homes since they were 10. At the age of 17 they manage to get back in touch with an old family friend and find out that he’s living in New York, they decide to live with him and leave London behind. Follow them on their journey of facing old demons, learning to trust and love and trying to escape their dark past plus going to high school.

About the 3 main characters:

Rose is a strong, badass girl that’s been through a lot. In the story she is struggling with depression. You will see her open up and learn to love others and herself (very cringey ik). She’s got a very unique personality and is very headstrong. She doesn’t take shit from anyone. Although Rose has a tough exterior she cares about the people she loves and would do anything for them.

Grayson is Roses twin brother. He and Rose are very close since they are all each other have. He is kind, funny and a food lover. Throughout the story you will see him fall in love with an amazing guy. He will also help Rose in finding happiness.

Alex is really a big softie. He may seem like a bad boy but I promise you he’s not- I’m not really into the whole bad boy stories anymore. He is Roses one and only love interest. Alex really helps her open up and is the first person Rose really trusts (apart from Grayson ofc). Alex is best friends with Graysons love interest.

In this high school there will be a bitchy annoying girl. But no she isn’t going to try and steal Alex from Rose. Yes she’s gonna be a bit annoying but there’s not going to be any of that typical cliche drama. She’s going to have normal conversations with normal people. In this school there will be no typical bad boys or nerds or jocks. There will be normal people in a semi normal high school so no cliche groups.

Also i want to apologise since i am new to writing stories you will not be able to choose you sexuality. In the future, if i’m still writing stories, I will write stories with those options. There are LGBT characters that are very important to the story so hopefully it’s still gonna be ok. But I apologise to anyone part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I am going to have diversity in this story and not just different coloured skin but also having depth to the characters. Their backgrounds and their culture will be shown (I apologise if that came across offensive in any way)

I know those descriptions seem really cringey but I promise you the whole story won’t be like that. So if you have any ideas or things you would like to see in it then tell me and I will add it in. So thanks for reading all that and any ideas will be highly appreciated.:heartpulse:


I hate the cliche stories that have the “I’m not like other girls” bad girl. So I suggest you still write her as a bad girl, however she’s not a complete bitch to everyone. Just ones who deserve it. And don’t just maje it about “oh I ditch classes and smoke”. Make her character stand out. That itself can make your story 10 times greater.


haha yeah so do I. she doesn’t smoke and does care about her education so she isn’t one of those bad girls. thank you for the advice.