Is this normal?

This popped up when I started to do character customization today. Is this suppose to happen?

Yeah, this feature of the new customisation layout was added in around a month ago :smile:

Unless you’re referring to something else but idk what you’re referring to :joy:

I haven’t really been on for a month so I guess that’s why, but I meant the no preview thing

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Lol maybe it’s a glitch? If you click it it will still work

Yeah its just kind of annoying.

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Maybe if you reload the page it’d show up

It’s still there. Maybe it is a glitch. I was just wondering if this is suppose to happen or if anybody else had this problem

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It works fine for me. It’s just a glitch if you wait a few days (or even a couple of hours) and re-search it, it’ll be normal again

Okay thanks. :smiley:

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