Is this offensive?

So I’m rewriting one of my older stories where the MC deals with bullies due to their appearance. They miraculously wake up in a handsome celebrities body and provides a lesson to the readers and characters of the true virtues of a person beneath their outer appearance.

I wanted the story to be more realistic and address more issues:
Before the MC was a male that wakes up in a male body. I wanted to change it and have the MC remain male but has body dysmorphia (dislikes their gender and wants to be female) and they wake up in a females bodies. It will describe the true character within and address the unfair gender roles etc. Is this too offensive? To have a male wanting to be female wake up in females body.

  • Yes it’s offensive.
  • It’s borderlines Offensive…
  • No it’s fine!

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If you voted it’s offensive please let me know why and how I could possibly fix this.

It’s totally fine.


I just didn’t want to offend anyone if they’re transitioning etc.


Yeah, I know, but we all have to accept these thing can actually happen, and all that. I get where you’re coming from, but don’t let that thought stop you.


No not offensive at all (in my opinion), actually it’s refreshing for a change!

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nah, it fine
alot of people done this before

I think it depends on how you show that though, you just have to make the dialogue believable and might have to explain it more thoroughly. They should go through traumatic but symbolic events that lead them to thinking that they are the wrong gender.

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