Is this ok in an episode story?

So I’m planning on writing a 2nd story, one about a girl who lives in the time of the war against North and South Vietnam (Communism), I know a lot about it, I’m Vietnamese and am really keen on writing this to reflect the culture and history. I was just wondering if this would be okay to write and if its crossing guidelines.


You can try. I think It’s ok :hugs:

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I’m pretty sure that it won’t be against the guidelines. However, if you are unsure then you can ask an admin.


I think you should be fine as long as you don’t get too much involved in politics.

I feel like as long as you get the facts right, and don’t misinform people, it should be fine.

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There’s no problem with showing culture and history but I’m pretty sure showing political stuff is against the guidelines. @Tyler can tell you better what isn’t allowed here