Is this okay to talk about in a story?

I plan to have a trigger warning on my story for starters. But is it okay to talk about a character being a suicidal and them overdosing once in my story? Along with them cutting a few times? I’ve seen people do intense sex scenes in there’s and not be in trouble. So as long as I have a trigger warning is what I wanna do ok? And I plan to out that it’s 17+


Episode is for 13+ though. :grimacing:


I’m aware. Doesn’t mean all the stories posted are aimed for 13 year olds. Most are aimed for older girls


Actually, episode is targeted for 13+, not older girls.. Also episode is for all genders not just girls. In addition, if you check the App Store, it says 13+. So if it was really aimed for older people it would state 16+ or 18+.


You might be able to get away with it if you really want to but you’d have to

  1. add a trigger warning
  2. you can’t write a full on cutting scene like you can’t add blood or the knife or even describe the fact that the character is harming themselves that way. you might be able to slightly imply it but you can’t straight up say or describe the character hurting herself.

Please keep in mind though, little kids are still curious, little kids will most likely read your story.

i understand wanting to write a story about the struggle of someone who has issues like that but you can’t go into too much detail or it’ll be considered inappropriate


If I was 13 years old, I would be curious. I’m not saying all 13 year olds are curious. But they’re still kids/pre teens but they’re still pretty young.

Some can be depressed, suicidal or who knows. You only have the power to add a trigger warning but you don’t have the power to control people’s decisions, you know?

I personally wouldn’t write a story like that.

I don’t want any child to feel like that — ever

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Sorry but if a story makes someone do soemthing to themselves they would have anyway. This is coming from someone who’s tried hurting herself. Stories don’t make people do it. We choose to, a story isn’t triggering. People make them that way.

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If stories weren’t triggering they’d be no such thing as a trigger warning.


If that’s the case then half the users would be having massive amounts of sex with the stories chapters puts out


We have trigger warnings because people r 2 sensitive now.

I mean there are stories that describes sex — like literally.

I mean I guess as long as you have a trigger warning.

But you can’t directly aim for 17+ even if you try to.


You still should put a warning if you’re writing about anything sensitive like that though. It’s not that people are “too sensitive” it’s the fact that episode is still an app for kids. Kids are super impressionable.


Saying people are too sensitive is kinda rude.
People are triggered by different things and suicide and self harm just so happens to be one of the major ones.
You can’t just think of yourself in this case, but the people who may be impacted.
Yes, some won’t be.
But there’s always that one person who is.


I agree, even if they don’t mean to.


As I stated already I have a trigger warning at the start along with contacts for hotlines for readers who need it

I honestly agree. Some topics are just far too sensitive to be written about on episode.


I think you can do it if you don’t show the sucidal scenes and you won’t describe it too much, like you can say the character was sucidal and did self harming but won’t be like She took her knife, while crying her eyes out in pure pain. She places the knife to her wrist and cut and cut and. Blood everywhere, it Hurt her yet it gave her some sort of comfort for some reason. or anything like that. And don’t glorify it in Any way, though I doubt you will.

Like I plan on having a scene where the love of the other MC took his own life. Before the scene I have a trigger warning, and I’ll just briefly mention he had been depressed and decided to kill himself. But won’t show how he died or describe how he did it.


I definitely don’t plan to talk about it like that. And I’m not going to.glorify it. The story is meant 2 help and bring awareness to these topics. Not make them.seem cool

Yeah that’s not bad at all.


I wanted to write a story loosely based on my life. So it has very string themes such as child abuse, rape, suicide and self harm. Among a few other hard topics to speak about. But I really wanna start this story as a way to help me talk about these things and incase any other girls feel the way I have

I see that you posted another thread on this.

I admire people talking about this, it spreads awareness and helps other females and males who go through this.

But like you said you have a trigger warning — hopefully you have this planned out right.

Make sure to think about the younger audience you may have.