Is this okay to talk about in a story?

That’s what I saw as well. I found it weird people can have graphic sex but not a scene about suicide which needs 2 b talked about more


I mean authors aren’t supposed to include any graphic content or descriptions of sex/nudity but unfortunately some of them get away with that (to an extent)

I don’t necessarily think that this is the place to talk about this kind of stuff with all of the younger viewers on the app but as long as you don’t glorify drug use or self harm you’ll be ok

Some more in depth details of drug and alcohol use from the guidelines

No description or depiction of active, ongoing drug, alcohol or tobacco use by characters who are under the age of 16
No graphic/explicit/detailed descriptions or glorification of the use or effects of drugs, alcohol or tobacco
No glorification of an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
No characters may use hard drugs or associated paraphernalia, including but not limited to: cocaine, heroin or other injectables, non-prescription pills e.g. LSD, prescription brand or non-brand medication outside of prescribed use e.g. Xanax, unidentified powders or pills

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My goal isn’t to glorify anything. It’s to talk about it so it can help others who have had to go through the same stuff as me

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U can write about it, the guidelines say u can’t “glorify it”

haha, yea i got my first tablet when i was 8 i think, but before that i always used to use my great grandma’s tablet, because i went over her house almost every day after school. i started playing episode on that ! & i got my first phone when i was 9 too :joy:

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I started reading episode stories when I was younger than the recommended age, so probably don’t do anything too graphic because there are kids on here! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:


Honey, app is 13+ so you can’t make a story what’s 17+ :))

I will say, stories technically cannot have graphic sex—many stories with that kind of content get taken down, the only ones that stay up are the ones with heaps of read that Episode keeps up for monetary purposes.

If you include these topics in your story/graphic depictions and your story gets reviewed, there’s a decent chance they may ask you to change certain aspects, so you have to be ready for that.

There are also many platforms that aren’t 13+ where you can publish this kind of content! Writing can be a great therapeutic outlet, and if you don’t want to censor your writing, you could consider a different publishing platform.

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Don’t Say That, That’s Not Nice, People Have Their Own Problems And It Hurts Me, Someone Who Has Had Depression And Has Done Self Harm, That You Say Such Things Without Understanding Their Situation.


i get this i dont think she ment to be offensive i mean obviously in general its a fact ppl have become more sensitive but when it comes to a topic like this i agree with u


Throughout my life I’ve struggled with mental disorders such as depression, social anxiety, anorexia, internal anxiety, OCD, Bipolar, and PTSD. I’ve been diagnosed with every single one of these and I know from experience, it’s not a fun subject to talk about. If you are to do this, you must be EXTREAMLY vague. I know it sucks, but many people struggle with many different things. Just know how far you push. By any means, I would say that you could very vaguely describe suicide, but not the self harm part. Like leave out the cutting. It’s just too sensitive of a topic.

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I disagree. I think it’s something that needs 2 b talked about

As @Ldn, Episode is a 13+ app. It says in the guidelines that you can’t say it’s “15+” or “17+” or anything. 13+ is just 13+. Giving a trigger warning AND an option to skip the scene is best in my opinion.

I understand that it’s good to spread awareness, but if it’s just showing the act being done, then I think it’s best not to go in detail. I have anxiety disorders and self harm, and unfortunately, most stories just do more harm rather than good.

I agree with @episodestory201562, since this is a story-telling, game kind of app, it’s not an app for sensitive topics such as cutting and suicide, even if it’s done with good intentions and with the intention to bring awareness. Some kids don’t even know what self harm or suicide is yet, and many parents don’t want their kids learning about it through an app that’s meant for stories/games.

Do your best to be careful. Research always helps to some extent.


But not in front of 13 year olds. I agree that it is EXTREAMLY important to talk about. My parents made the mistake of waiting to tell me, and I payed the price. Just know that the younger kids will be watching. I think that its important, but it’s something that a parent should talk about with a child. Not something they read in an episode story


heyyy!!! so u asked us a question and people are giving answers some of ur responses may come across as rude if you’re not willing to listen to peoples point. I agree it is something that needs to be spoken about but maybe you should hear WHY someone would disagree and keep an open mind. <3


I agree. I used to live in a hospital and frankly, I’m not over everything that’s happened to me yet. Sometimes you need to branch out your thinking.

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I Didn’t Say You Don’t, I Already Saw Your Post About You Having To Go Through Such An Awful Experience As Well, And I Know How You Feel. I’m Just Saying You Shouldn’t Say Things You Don’t Know About. There Are People Who Hold Themselves Together When Getting Yelled At And Failing And Having Disappointment After Disappointment But Will Breakdown Out Of Nowhere If They Drop A Pencil Because Of All That Pressure. That Scene In Your Story Could Be That Pencil That Causes Someone To Breakdown. Just Saying.


I’m very sorry you had to go through that. No one deserves to be treated like that. I too have attempted suicide multiple times and struggle with self harm. I completely understand. I’m also a 15 year old. I know how hard it is. These topics are tricky.

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If that’s the case then so many other simple mundane things in life could as well. This argument for trigger warnings as someone with suck issues makes no sense to me. They don’t trigger anything. If that’s the case then most people with issues couldn’t watch tv or have a normal life. Something would always just trigger them. This idea came from people being sensitive to everything now a days. And that doesn’t helo peoole with these issues. Not talking about them just makes them have a stigma, that increases the more it’s ignore and told isn’t appropriate because u don’t wanna trigger somethinh. If it’s made normal to talk about in society it would be a life saver for so many kids. Topics like these kill so many children because they have no idea to to talk about it. And for me this is a problem and why I have this dislike for the trigger warning idea. Someone needs to make these ok to talk about so these kids who are being abused or wanna kill themselves have something that tells them this is okay. It’s okay to feel and it’s also okay to get help. You don’t have to pretend it’s not there

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