Is this outfit trendy... or just stupid?

i am not a trendy person. i do not keep up with what people wear. i don’t know what’s cool and what’s not. but if someone who DOES know about all this stuff could lend their opinions, that would be great.

my mc wears a very basic wardrobe, which i can figure out well enough, but there IS a more fashionable female character who i don’t quite relate to as much. help please!

edit: if you think i should change the pants, it would be nice to know what i should change it to! is the top’s deep vneck… too deep? are the shoes too much? anything is appreciated.

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I like it…she looks sexy! :wink:


I’m not very aware of fashion trends and so on. But the first association I’ve got after a short glance on it was the beach :slight_smile: The top looks like a part of one-piece swimsuit.

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It is awesome! The outfit just lack a little accessories. You can add like a handbag or something?

It looks great :grinning:

It looks Good but I would add some accessories


The shirts neckline is far too deep and looks like a swimsuit.
Accessories would definitely help the overall look.


Is that the actual characters look, or just a model for the outfit? If that is the actual character I would say to maybe change it up a bit. If you google Jazzmyne from buzzfeed I think you’d be able to pull inspiration from her outfits. Or if you just want someone to create some trendier outfits for you I’d be down to help.

I think body suits (it’s like a swimsuit but not for swimming) like the one above are considered trendy at the moment, especially with summer just around the corner. If anything maybe you could accessorize a bit or maybe throw on a leather or denim jacket?



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