Is this possible and how hard would it be?

So I have been writing a story, but I feel like it would be better to let the reader choose which character (out of 10) they want to play.
Is it possible to let them do that? and how would I do branches, points, choices.
I don’t want the outcome of choices to change base on the contestant they choose.
I’d also like to know if there is a way for people to have to go back to the beginning of the story if they make the wrong decision?

well, you can add labels for that

I understand I would need to use labels, but I don’t really know how I could use a label to make the story revert back to the beginning. Especially if there are future chapters.

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Yes, that is possible but I don’t really recommend it because it’s a lot of coding, planning/mapping out.

You would need to have if/elif/else within more if/elif/else’s and each contestant’s branch would be copied and pasted (if you want them to be the same), but with different labels/flags/gains/choice names for each branch and different spotting if you plan to have characters at different heights.

No, we can’t send them back to the beginning of the story via any code, but you can choose to have choices they make as remembered choices that can be re-chosen using the choice names, not flags nor gains. You can add a label at the beginning (perhaps one at the opening menu or smth for each chapter) with a goto at the end in a choice if they want to re-play the chapter. If they want to re-read the story after completing chapter 1, they’ll have to replay it.


I was wondering what about a passcode for all chapters after the one they could be be “sent home” like for example if you pass the stages in that chapter you are released a passcode for all subsequent chapters?
Or is that a horrible idea?

Honestly, I think because readers are how they are, there will be people who will constantly ask you for it because they’ve forgotten or can’t “find it” or people who will constantly ask you how to achieve it. I also don’t doubt that some readers would ask what it’s for, even if you put it in FAQs. 🥲

I only recommend against using it because I think your readers might end up confused, hassling you or see it as a frustrating road-block.

I think it’s a good idea though if you want to award the passcode to people who pass a certain stage and need the passcode for a future scene that happens once or twice, but not for every chapter. I hope that helps? Let me know if I misinterpreted what you said. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I totally understand what you said, and I am thinking technically I would only need it for 1 chapter, because you wouldn’t be able to move forward unless you had the ability to read that chapter. I’ve written quite a few stories and I am just looking to do something more challenging, I also know that I would need to release the chapters together, the one you passed as well as the one that requires a code just so I don’t run the risk of people forgetting it.


This is a pretty interesting idea, if I had to give my opinion. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I think the easiest way to approach the password feature would be to somehow unlock a choice saying “see password again” if the reader had unlocked it before. That way you could avoid readers constantly coming to you for help like @/schittwriter was saying.

Hopefully this makes sense^ :yum:


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