Is this possible to..?

Hey guys!

So I had a question; is it possible to do this?

(GENDER) =her

Just like when your reader can choose a name. That’s because I don’t use gains for my love interest.

Thanks in advance!

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Do you mean like this?
input What is your gender? | What is your gender? | Done (GENDER)

Actually… Idk. I might not understand what you mean lol.

@JemU776 or @Jade.epi might can help.

Do you mean whether to type her/him, his/hers etc? You would have to use gains and the if/else. Depends how you’re using it. If it’s for a love interest and you’re not using gains, how do you know whether it’s the female or Male that the reader chose?

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You can Also just put it as a choice
For example:
What’s your gender
gain Female
gain male

Well, I use the point system and ‘become’. I made GUY and GIRL. You customize one of them, and then the love interest becomes OR a boy OR a girl.

I’m still confused :see_no_evil::joy: so the reader plays a female MC? And they choose a love interest (BOY or GIRL) and you have assigned points for whichever they have chosen? So you could put
any script here that includes him his he etc
any script here that includes her hers she etc
leave this blank

I’m not too experienced with points so hopefully @JemU776 can confirm if this is correct :see_no_evil:

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I already found a solution! Can someone close this? @Sydney_H?


Closed by OP request. :wink: