Is this Racist?

Hey Guys, I have a question for you. So my story is about these biracial couple whose parents despise each other. Kind of like a Romeo and Juliet story but modern. Basically my main character is black and her partner is Asian. I wanted to empathize on the subject of loving someone no matter who they are. Is it racist to make the Asian and black parents not like each other because of cultural difference and race in the story. Like if it is, I will delete the whole story but I wanted to hear from you guys before posting anything. Because I don’t want people to make assumptions that all Asians don’t like other races or all Blacks don’t like other races. It just happen to be their race in the story. I don’t know if this makes sense but can you help me out?


No, I don’t think it’s racist unless you start discriminating against a certain race to harshly, the idea of appreciating other races isn’t something you see often in stories so yeah it’s great :slight_smile:


Either way if you do write the story you will get backlash no matter what it just depends on how you write it. Make sure you follow the guidelines try not to do hate speech racial slurs make it more about the story. And make sure you do your research


I don’t think it racist at all. If you want to include a life lesson in there, you can as well.

yep! :point_up_2:t3: :point_up_2:t3: :point_up_2:t3:


I don’t think it’s racist at all. I’ve been in them kinda situation before…I’m black and my ex was white and his parents didn’t really like me cause of my race, although my family didn’t mind it was still really bad. Even though we didn’t last long his parents did learn lessons about interracial relationships and African American people. I think if you would put life lessons in the story it would make it better but other than that I know your story would be good! :heart:


I don’t think it’s racist. Having cultural difference in a relationship is a very realistic problem. It’s just a matter of representing each race in a correct way. So far the consensus is that you’re good to go but there will probably be that one person giving you some backlash. Just make sure to do your research and maybe have someone proofread each chapter to make sure there’s nothing offensive.

Good luck with your story!


I believe the concept of your story is absolutely contemporary ( being that this is a realistic perspective that does exist in real life )

It’s a great opportunity to shed light :bulb: on biases and how they affect families / relationships. And it also leaves room for people to learn from the perspectives that will be presented in your story.

Nothing but the best of luck on your story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And Thank you for asking the community about their opinion on this topic :+1:t5:!!!


Actually, I think if you have good intentions, there isn’t anything wrong.
Make sure you emphasize that those aren’t your personal beliefs.
Make sure you emphasize that you’re just trying to spread awareness.
You will get backlash if you don’t.
I know I’ve wanted to write about forbidden love before because 1.) my parents are homophobic while I’m queer, 2.) my parents are borderline racist, and I will literally date anyone I fucking want to date, 3.) my parents are religious, and they want everyone I date to be religious while I’m an atheist… As you can probably guess, this has made my love life very very SHITTY.

I’ve thought about writing about all of these things because our views just don’t align, and they fuck me up. I haven’t because I’m personally way too sensitive to get backlash, but perhaps one day I will write about it because it’s just not okay, and I feel really misunderstood.

So in short, when I’ve planned to write about these things, I told myself the same advice I gave you. Just be very careful, but I do think it would be great if you’re trying to spread awareness. <3 good luck!


It doesn’t sound racist at all :))

whenever you publish, you should let me know, it sounds really cool


It’s not racist, but your going to get hate anyway. People will find a way to be offended no matter how much to try. So be prepared for that.


I think as a writers we always somehow get criticized. We could right about literally anything and still get hate from that one person.

Just know, don’t let it get to youuuuu


It’s not racist. Unfortunately, stuff like this happens a lot irl.


That’s not racist. You’re not saying it’s right. That is the reality for many families unfortunately.


Well, it really depends on your choice of words and how you present the story to others. It’s pretty rare to see stories on Episode that explain equal rights and how to get rid of racial biases. I personally love the idea of more stories like that though! Just be a little careful with wording and such when you’re writing it out. I mean, it won’t be considered as racist if you don’t speak or describe different racial groups in a harsh or unnecessary ways. Good luck with your story! :blob_hearts:


No I don’t think so one of my friends had this issue she Chinese and fell for an aboriginal boy. Her family wasn’t happy at all at the time now there married and have kids.


No it’s not racist and it’s actually rly cool for you to touch on anti-black sentiments in the asian community (cus i know, as an asian, that it’s there) and vice versa.


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