Is this scene funny? I’m planning on having it in my story but need to run it through with real people

TATI: I’m so broke.
LESHANA: Hmm…Maybe make an Epitube channel! I heard the latest dance steps are getting popular on Epitube.
TATI: Will do.
NARRATOR: After university…
TATI: Let’s do the mashed potato.
TATI: Roll the cameras! Amy!
AMY: On it.
TATI: Oh crap! I broke the floor!
AMY: That’s it for today, folks!
TATI’S MOM: What in the everloving flip happened here?
(if you lie)
TATI: A witch came in and blasted the floors.
TATI’S MOM: I know you ain’t lying, right?!
(if you tell the truth)
TATI: Dancing. I did the mashed potato and my legs were going crazy and next thing you know-
AMY: Shawty got low, low, low-
TATI: Shut up, Amy!
TATI’S MOM: This is ludacris.


I think it’s funny! I chuckled at that “ludacris” line ngl :joy:


It’s funny!

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It made me giggle :joy:

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I love “DO THE MASHED POTATO.” I can’t wait to see how that plays out with the animations.

I do think there should be a more substantial transition between deciding to make an Epitube video and the scene where they film the MASHED POTATO. It’s a bit on the abrupt side where it stands.

“Oh crap! I broke the floor!” is hilarious. I don’t even know how that works, and I love it.

“What in the everloving flip happened here?” I love how this is said by the mom :laughing:

Both the truth option and the lying option are hilarious. I want to see the mom just be like, Yeah, sure, Tati, with that glorious witch line. (I imagine this being more so a sarcastic answer than just a lie.)

And the “truth” part is beautiful.

“humour has no limitations” -Grace 2021

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It didn’t make laugh since it’s just cringe but you can go for it

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brooooooo :fire::fire:

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i think it’s funny and good! I love ur script :blush: u can try to change some lines tho :thinking: in the (If u lie part)

I find this as 2016 vine humour honestly, but a lot of people might find it amusing. Do whatever pleases you! xx

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t find it funny because I didn’t understand what was supposed to be funny. Was it the line with Ludacris?

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