Is this something you would read? Please help me haha


I am brainstorming a new story right now and I was wondering if this would be interesting to you:

You are a lung cancer survivor, but you lost your mother because she committed suicide after suffering from depression for a few years. Your father is out of the picture, and you have no where to go…
That’s until you meet a girl at a bar who is willing to help, by having you join her gang. You then fall in love with someone outside the gang but you are scared you can’t be with them because of who you are.

That’s all the details I have for now, but I’m still creating ideas…

Any suggestions or comments?


Wdym by gang?

Meaning she will transport guns, weapons, drugs etc.

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Love this idea and I would love to read it lmfao simple as that

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Hm, the gang cliche is a bit overused.

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But that’s just my opinion.

I definitely agree, I just need some sort of conflict that keeps the MC from the love interest…

I can’t really have them just get together and it be all perfect :joy:

That sounds a bit dark but there needs to be some sort of problem

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Well when you said gang, at first I thought of those fighting and guns kinda thing but then I also thought of a friend group. Maybe all of the friends dislike the Love interest and Mc worries about what they think?

I would totally read it :sunglasses:

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