Is this something you would read?

"Shay Kingston discovers an inner power, that no other has. Will she be able to overcome the obstacles in her way, control her powers and conquer her world? "

No other details given because they would be spoilers for anyone wanting to read my story :heart:

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@QueenMilii Why wouldn’t you read that? I’m trying to make improvements, so it would be great if you tell me what is it you don’t like :blush:

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Hmm… It seems interesting but I think it might be something I wouldn’t read. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fantastical story like “Dripping Mascara…” but to me, my eye isn’t catching the attention :sweat_smile:
I don’t know how to explain, but maybe every audience isn’t fit for this story :heart:

I don’t judge taste of course it is a personal preference. Do you have any advice for impovement?

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Is she evil?
What does it mean when you say, “conquer her world?”
I love the line! But will she take over the world, or will she start standing up for herself?

I love the line: “Conquer her world” I think it’s great!


No she isn’t evil, (I was trying to work on making it sound non evil) but her powers are not easily controlable so she must learn to control them and then like be the queen of her own world, you know like conquer and be unstopoable by the strength of her powers

Thank you :blush::heart:

@mikio_writes , @granolias , and @Rahdia could you guys tell me what is it that you didn’t like about this Description so I can improve it? Perhaps if I changed a little be would it be something you could possibly like ? :

Shay Kingston discovers an inner power, that no other has. Will she be able to overcome the difficulties in her way, control her powers and conquer her inner world?

Oh okay, that makes so much more sense now!

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I’m glad you like it, I’m actually going to create another voting topic with a the description a little changed, so you should definitely go vote on that as well :blush::heart:


I would love to! Will it be a poll?

I’m not saying i hate it. Maybe its just me but i read many fantasy stories where the MC is the most powerful among others and the description seems kinda similar to those i have encountered. Maybe put something different which is similar to the plot. And it seems kinda broad. Maybe a little bit more information but not too much that would spoil the plot.

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Thank you for your feedback, I just created another topic about the new description, go vote and leave your thoughts if you’d like :heart:
Link: Is this something you would read? UPDATED

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@HarisPgr I agree with @mikio_writes I just didn’t find it all that interesting.

No need to have two topics running for the same story. Closed. Thanks! :v::peace_symbol: