Is this story a good idea?

Hey, everyone. I’m pretty new here and I’m writing a story while at the same time avoiding cliches and tokenism.
However I’ve started to worry that it might not be well received due to certain qualities…
It’s a fantasy story, in a fantasy (not modern) world… the problem is that it contains both vampires and werewolves. (it also contains religious magic-users) It won’t be a “Twilight” story, it’s more like I replaced high elves with vampires and wood elves with werewolves.

I will make a list of things I’m considering/have decided to put in my story.

  • Fantasy world
  • Multiple love interests to choose from with different background, of different genders, of different races, ethnicities and social status.
  • The option to choose none of the love interests
  • Slow burn romance
  • Getting to know the love interest as a friend before any romantic options are available. (There might be a few exceptions, but in those cases the love interest will be the one to act and in those cases there will be an option to refuse both temporarily and permanently)
  • Ability to choose gender eg male, female and non-binary (The avatar will most likely be femme)
  • Ability to choose whether you’re a trans guy/trans girl or if you’re cis.
  • Ability to choose masc or femme clothing
  • Ability to choose between a set of names (male, female and unisex)
  • Ability to choose hairstyle
  • A fantasy plot independent of the presence of a romantic subplot (the fantasy plot might be affected by your choices in the subplot and vice versa)
  • advanced directing
  • sound effects, but being able to read even if you have sound turned off.
  • nice animations
  • Polyamory as an option
  • One love interest will be emotionally abusive and the MC will reject him until he behaves differently. (I’m considering giving an option to disregard the abuse and end up as a prisoner in the dungeon and having the MC hate the LI. I’m not sure, I don’t want to romanticize abuse and I’m worried that it will be read as if I am )
  • Few (if any) gem choices. I want the choices to be free, not lock people out of the “real” storyline.

Please give me your thoughts, I want a second opinion…

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If you can choose your gender you’re gonna have to write out the story like 3 times since your choices are male, female, and non binary.

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I thought I would write it generally neutral, and in the places where neutrality is not an option use if command

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You can but it can be confusing

I understand that. I guess I’ll just have to be careful and make sure I play through all the options just to make sure it’s right.

Is there anything else you might feel like commenting on? I’d really love some input on the story itself :blush:

If its your first time here in episode, then my suggesstion is that start with simple and soft edged story , that will give you a grip , once u post your story ,you will have much confidence, then go for a little complex, then this story which your planning to do. I tell this by my experience, i took long time, creating a fantasy story with so much background overlays and etc but ended up not publishing it at all due to many reasons.
This is just a suggestion, if you have a lot of time to dedicate for this, then go for it. and refer this website for any queries you may have.
My best wishes.

Thank you for the advice, but I must admit that I do have a lot of free time and I’m a quick learner haha. I also intend to increase the complexity after a while (introducing the fantasy plot and all the LI’s backgrounds and subplots) So I believe it will be fine, thank you for your advice and reply. I will check out the link.

Cool, i said this caz, episode keeps updating, the last time i worked there were no limelight characters, and this time i see it. And now i dont even see my previous works anymore, its much complicated, if your gonna start and finish story in a go, then well n good,All the best . Once done, post the link to your story in here, i will check that out.

I have decided to work in ink because I’m more comfortable with the clothing there, and I would love for you to read it once it’s published :heart:

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Surely :slight_smile:

Everything else seems fine it just seems like a really hard thing to do maybe you can do it with a friend to minimise the workload. It seems like you will have a lot of choices too and the readers with fall in love with the LI since you’re making them become friends first. just make sure to give all your characters realistic personality and have events to make it interesting if you need help with scripting I’ll be happy to help and test it out for you.

I might take you up on that offer! Thank you :heart:

Vampires and werewolves can be great as long as they’re well-written, so don’t worry too much about it. This sounds like something I’d definitely read, assuming the plot’s good! There are also ways to have two different potential avatars (masc or fem). It just requires some extra coding because you kind of have to direct it twice, but if you know how to replace every instance of a certain word or name in a word processor, it isn’t that much extra work. I’ve done that for two of my stories.
You have your work cut out when it comes to branching, but the result will be worth it.

Just one thing, though: it would be trans guy or trans girl, rather than combining the fact that they’re trans with their gender, since trans is more a way of experiencing a gender rather than the gender itself (although, for nonbinary people, it can be both).

Yeah I know, I forgot the spaces… whoopsie … :cold_sweat: And thank you for the input! I was really worried due to that thread on “reasons why you stop reading a story”

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I fixed the typo, thank you for telling me about it! :heart::heart:

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