Is this story problematic? Tips

Hi, I’m currently in the process of outlining my upcoming story titled ‘Masked’. This story has the mafia involved is also a romance/drama and I would like tips to write a healthy story that includes the mafia.

I have noticed that many people are bashing the trope which I 100% understand and agree with but I would like tips. I personally enjoy mafia stories if done right and I’m aware this is a pg 13 app so how do I write a good mafia story? I’m 15 myself but I’m mature enough to draw a line between reality and fiction.

Here is my story description:

Join Chloe as she embarks on a journey to find the truth along with new flames. The closer she’s getting to the truth, more masked truths, secrets and feelings rise to the surface but first she must say I do.

The story follows Chloe Maddox who recently lost her fiance in an accident and she is soon bound to marry Logan King through an arranged marriage proposal. She isn’t interested to marry him due to reasons but they form a pact where they stay married together for 1 and help each other out and after that, they can divorce one another.

Logan is associated to the mafia because he is the mafia leader’s son but Logan leads a separate life away from it and is not involved in it but he has to reach out for his mafia connections. The story is broken into 3 seasons and in season 3 they plan to destroy the mafia. Both characters are very aware of the damage that mafia causes and wants to stop them. Chloe falls for Logan not because he is a badass killer because he is a kind, sweet and gentle guy that loves her dearly.

So how can I include the mafia without it being toxic? Logan isn’t your typically dark, broody, asshole billionaire either.

Tips please? Does this sound problematic?

I have always wanted to write on the Episode app and learn how to code but every time I do so, I see all these negative and toxic threads bashing people and this de motivates me. I agree with the comments that you post but the tone not so much. I hope you can help me out.

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Not a fan of this trope but as long as you aren’t romanticising the mafia and/or their crimes it should be fine? One thing I’d like to point out is being kind, sweet and gentle doesn’t make it okay to murder(I’d suggest you give them some sort of punishment which helps them self-reflect and repent) also make sure you don’t make any disrespectful comments towards Italy which many of these stories seems to have.

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Oh ok thanks. Logan isn’t a murderer and the mafia isn’t Italian so I 'm there I guess. Logan isn’t involved with the mafia, him and his step mum left his father to live their lives away from it all

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Aaah I think it’s okay then! <3

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I just don’t want to write something problematic. I am aware of how disgusting the mafia in real life is and I don’t want to be little anyone or their experiences. I enjoy reading mafia stories, most of them that I have read were nice in my opinion and I completely understand and respect if people do not enjoy the trope… I wanna write about the mafia but I don’t want to promote or Condone it’s actions. Thanks for your tips


Seems neat! I would read this, and I think that it’s different enough from the average mafia story to be good! It’s good how you’ll make your characters recognise good and evil.

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