Is This Too Cliche?


I’m really into this story idea I’m working on but I’m very worried it’s too cliche.

Riley O’Connells is the perfect girl. Straight A’s, great looks, a kind personality, great friends, an amazing boyfriend and everyone at her school practically bowing down to her. Her mom got in a severe car crash and lost her memory 9 years ago and so Riley is very protective of her. But she falls head over heels in love with the new boy coming to school. She’s never felt this way about anyone before, and she doesn’t know what to do. He’s sweet, smart, and amazing. After a big mistake at a party, she ends up cheating on her boyfriend with him. But someone sees and threatens to tell the entire school unless Riley gives up everything to her, and she eventually loses everything.

That’s going into a lot of depth for my story, but does it sound too cliche? If not, what should I work on for the storyline? Please let me know, I’m not scared of criticism. :slight_smile:


It does sound a bit cliche here and there, but I see how you can make the story flow differently than most love stories out there! I like the plot.


It sounds kinda cliche no offense, but I’m sure you could twist it :heart:


@clemenlea and @EpisodeGirl, thank you for your opinions! Do you guys have any ideas of ways I could make it more unique or intriguing? Like, what would make you want to read it?


I agree, maybe adding twists would enhance your story.


So I have one idea for a twist but I’m not sure.

The antagonist (the threatener girl) gets sexually assaulted and ends up trying to kill herself, but the MC saves her and talks her out of it. (Or tries to, maybe?)
She will show signs of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Or would that make no sense?


That could trigger or offend a lot of people but its an interesting idea.


Maybe MC is a lesbian? :stuck_out_tongue: Just to go against norms.


That’s a good point.


Okay, so I figured something out:

Her boyfriend gets in a freak accident and goes almost fully blind, so she can’t tell him because she feels so guilty. She’s juggling her relationships with the new guy and her boyfriend, and the reader gets to choose who they want to be with and the MC eventually tells him and stuff.


I feel as if as long as the idea is executed well and not romanticized, telling that story would be very interesting.




It’s very cliché. But if you’re genuinely passionate about it , I encourage you write it!


It’s kinda cliche, but the most popular stories are cliche. I find the idea very exciting and I will surely check it out when it’s done :heart::grin: