Is this too close to copyrighted material?

Hi, so after two extremely disappointing seasons of Love Island the Game, I’ve decided to make my own story with the things that SHOULD have been done so much better than what they did.

Now four very important things to cover:

  1. I am not using ANY of their characters (cause they’re all jokes and wooden caricatures ), all characters are made completely in my own brain
  2. I am making drastic changes to the scenery, it will be an estate in Malibu rather than a villa in Spain
  3. I am making drastic changes to how the show goes, because honestly it was done in poor taste, poor quality and was just overall disappointing
  4. I have changed the title and will not do the major plot points of having a “grand prize” or “winner” at the end. The guests leave the show if they believe they’ve found the one or they’ve reached the 2 month mark.

What is very similar still:

  1. It is a matchmaker-style TV show
  2. The characters (I’m calling them guests), have to partner up (I call them roomies), but they will share a room with only that roomie and not all of the other guests, as the other guests have their own rooms
  3. The roomies will switch at points in the story, I call it a reroom rather than a recoupling
  4. The guests are all living together on a luxurious estate (rather than a villa)
  5. There will be random contests and parties
  6. Guests will leave or be invited at random intervals, but none will be sent home for being single

As this is a romance style story, I am aware to be careful of explicit content, so I am taking precautions on this.

What do you guys think? Is it still too close for copyright issues or should I be okay? I’ve only just started writing the first episode, and I’m not so far in that I couldn’t change things a bit, but I’d really rather make this story on Episode rather than another app. I like the graphics and animations, it’s geared to the age range I prefer writing to, and I’ve already learned the coding.

I’d appreciate any advice!:bowing_woman:

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Hey girl,

As long as you don’t name the Love Island the Game and follow your own ‘rules’ (number 1 until 4) I think it will be no problem.

Do you already have a cover for your story? If you don’t: one advice → Don’t use the Game-cover, but get your own drawn or edited cover on this forum (there are many artists who like to make a free cover, that will be approved by Episode). Just in case. :wink:

Good luck and stay safe.

Love A-W

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