Is this too dramatic?



So, in my story, Crossed Paths - the protagonist Mindy has been scarred by a serious relationship she had and is slowly healing.

However, the man she loved before makes a reappearance and whilst they have an argument it is revealed that Mindy had a miscarriage (this will be in perhaps a later Episode 10 or so). My concern is that I have kept this hidden from the reader and would it be too much? However, it would explain the resentment she holds. Mindy has never told anybody about the miscarriage - her ex is the first one to know.


I don’t think it’s too dramatic, it would fit into your story very nicely… And I read this before you added that it was a spoiler lol thanks


Hahahahaha and thanks very much :smiley:


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I think it’s a good plot point, but maybe give a warning before you talk about the miscarriage


Good idea, thanks - I was planning to do so as it is a sensitive topic :heart:


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Aw thanks, the lovely @NellyFromEpisode made it and no worries - I go off on tangents three thousand times a day (no exagerration :laughing:)