Is this too far-fetched or "gruesome" for an RPG?

Hello Episodians & Fellow Roleplayers! :wave: (Not such a big fan of that intro :joy:)

I’ve had this idea for a RP&SG for awhile, a deed to my unhealthy habit of binge-watching shows like “Air Disasters” & “Air Crash Investigation” (Since I am one of many aviation nerds)

I also have previously watched errors that led to a head on Collision (Of two planes), and I thought “Hey this sounds like a great idea for a RP!” Blame my blatant creativity. It has come to my attention that if I were to pursue this idea…

Added info (crucial)

The flights would supposedly be blind, hardly no help from ATC, instruments would bug out and give invalid information, also havoc racking weather conditions. Too much? I thought so :joy:
(By the sounds of it, the plane would probably already be down under these circumstances)

You can reserve characters from two different flights, one leaving Doha (a private jet) and one heading to Doha (commercial airliner). Other positions like Caption, First Officer (Co-Pilot) & Flight attendants would be available.

The main objective is fly your way back from/to Doha without, colliding with the other flight (the private plane mentioned above). Clues can be detected all the way from the gate (Airport). Use your clues & knowledge to survive

This would be a great idea, but I don’t think a lot of RPERS would be interested and if they were they would most likely have little to no information on planes.

And about the cabin (passengers & flight attendants), they would have to keep each other calm and provide help if somebody is having a medical emergency etc.

  1. The RP would be relatively short since most flights only last a couple of hours.
    Possible Solution: My idea was initially to use a “Flight” from Qatar Airways: Auckland – Doha
    Distance: 9,032 miles
    Flight time: 18 hours, 5 minutes
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR

At least five hours will be added, since it will start the day of the flight, it leaves at around 5 in the afternoon, your characters with either be early (crew) or on time. My idea is to stretch it out 1 flight hour (in the rp) = 1 day (in real life)

  1. That in realistic conditions the flight would most likely crash before colliding with each other.

  2. It seems slightly gruesome and if this post doesn’t get flagged, I might actually be surprised.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, its a very complex idea and I may have left out a few key ideas!

  • I would join
  • I wouldn’t join
  • Sounds to complex (far-fetched)
  • Too gruesome

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Omg I read the topic until “Air Crash Investigation” because I just had to comment!!

I LOVE THIS SHOW, my dad’s a military commander and a military pilot, so when he has time we watch it together because I LOVE aeroplanes.
My mum hates it when I watch it because she thinks I’m going to become paranoid about flying but Dad lets me watch it and it’s so interesting!

Okay now I’ll get back to reading this topic and edit this comment after I have an answer for you :joy:

Okay here’s ma edit, that’s such a cool idea! Nah I don’t think it’ll get flagged haha!


Omg, I watch this show with my dad too!
I’ve always loved planes and I want to become a commercial airline pilot when I get older. I’m definitely not flying that 737 max though.


We should suggest binge-watching Air Crush Investigation to people looking for father-daughter bonding-time ideas :joy:


Yes, although I haven’t watched it with him in like 2 years :sneezing_face:

I was watching Mega Disasters yesterday, The Hindenburg and the collision course one.

I’ll pm you when I’m done with washing the dishes, so we don’t get flagged :joy:


Haha alrighty, talk to you later!
And yeah it’s been some months since Dad and I watched it, too. I should remind him tonight if he comes back home!


Definitely love this idea!!! I would definitely join!!


Thanks for replying! :sunflower:


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Aww, thanks! I’m looking forward to starting (although I don’t think I will start anytime soon)

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