Is this too little episodes for a season?

In the story I’m writing, I already have 17 episodes planned out. I made it the end of the season. I’m assuming that there will be 50-60 episodes, and 3-4 seasons. Do you think that this is too little episodes for a season? Normally it’s like 20-25 episodes per season.

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17, sounds just fine to me.

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Okay, that makes me feel better

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17 episodes is perfect for 1 season, in my opinion!

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I am writthing on a story there is gonna be 8 episodes for one season. because I need to do a timeline jump. so I think its up to you

No, I don’t think it is because I have seen stories that have up too 100 episodes. But, if you feel it is too much maybe you can do seperate stories for the seasons :relaxed:

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Teen Titans has 13 episodes in one season…so do some other shows. It’s up to you to decide at what episode you’d like to end the season :blob_sun:


Yeah, The Office literally has 6 episodes in the first season
(didn’t like first season Michael btw)

Glad to see you found your answer :wink:

Sherlock has 4 seasons but only 13 episodes

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