Is writing Episode stories worth it?

I always try to start a story on Episode but coding is so long and tiring. And newbie authors are not really recognized since they’re thousands of stories on Episode. Also, the featured stories take most of the spotlight anyways…

So is it really worth it?


Yeah, it’s worth it, because it’s what you want to do. If it’s the reads that matter to you then that’s up to you.

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Yeah i get that but at the end of the day, you still want people to read what you created and enjoy it cause it’s interesting to hear the comments from the stories you create and what people enjoyed from it.


True, it’s how you share it, share your story, give it a reason why people would want to read it.


its worth it if you wanna do it. if you dont fell like its worth its not. people define worth diffrent.

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I always have so many ideas but coding is soooo confusing for me. Or I’m just lazy I guess :sweat_smile:


I’d be able to help anytime.

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Well you might not have a lot of readers. But you can share your story and ask for shoutouts/read for rear and’ other stuff like that to increase your number of readers if that is important to you



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I’d say it’s worth it especially if you are really enjoying it. I may not have millions of reads but I am extremely happy with the amount of reads I have and the support that I get from those readers. I think it’s the support I get from the readers that really makes it worth it for me. If you are writing more for reads I don’t think you’ll ever find that it’ll be worth it especially as it can be difficult to get a high number of reads. It’ll just end up becoming more discouraging and frustrating when you’re doing it for reads especially when you’re not getting the amount of reads that you want.


If you just want reads and stuff, maybe not, but if you love it, yes. Every author had a first story. I remember after I published my first three chapters i got 30 reads! I was like heck yes! I’m totally continuing this! I suggest not comparing yourself to others.


If you write for yourself… you know, to unleash your imagination, your creativity, do something you love that others may love too, then yes.

If you write only for the reads, probably no, as it is very likely that you do not get where you want to be for the reasons you mentioned.

There is nothing wrong with writing in this platform to “be famous”, but just be aware that it may never really happen. Some great authors, for instance, do not get more than 5k reads no matter the quality of their stories and the effort they put in them, but they keep going because they love the content they are creating and those few people that do read and love their stories are more than enough to encourage them.


Yes it’s definitely worth it!!

It’s so awesome to write stories an your own then you can make everything you want to make in a story to let it happen!!

Believe me it’s worth it!!

You will enjoy it really!!

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I can help you.

I have 849 reads and my story is shit. I made it when I was young, so when I watch it over now, it looks so stupid :joy:

As long as you write a good story, people will read it. I have never promoted my story once.

I think what you definitely need is:

  1. A good cover. It’s the first thing a reader sees. Make sure you put effort into it, and if you’re just taking a picture from the internet, then 1) make sure it’s free and 2) find something that no one has seen. Don’t click on the first image you see.

  2. Make the blurb interesting. Don’t put those cliche “what happens when____” thingies in it. It’s boring and people have seen it millions of times. Don’t put things like “hot and sexy bad boy!!!” because just no. I mean, you can if you want. Stories like that get a lot of reads :roll_eyes:

  3. Try give the option to let the readers pick a gender and pick what gender their love interest is (if it’s a romance story) Add diversity and not just for the sake of it. No stereotypes.


I don’t have an insta, but you can PM me.

I’d say its worth it if you enjoy bringing your stories to life and enjoy writing about your characters. You won’t find that in any other platform.

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Oh hell yes imo! :kissing_heart: I’ve always enjoyed writing stories, even when I was younger, and it’s always heartwarming when someone says they like your work. Although I still haven’t published my story yet lmao Although I can see where you’re coming from, how it can be hard learning how to code at first.

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This is not what she needs, this is what the older/sane part of the community wants. I totally agree with you, obviously. I want the same in a story, except for a “good” cover as I am fine with a decent one.

But we all know that most readers are very young, so if RandomWriter only cares about reads (not saying they do, just hypotetically saying), then unfortunately they will have to do the exact opposite of what you suggested, Darryl :joy:

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Lmao no, I actually hate cliche bad boy aka trash stories and want to chuck myself out the window when I read them but I want to write a very good, fun and interesting story but I find it hard to make it into an Episode story with choices but I can write down as a book tho.