Is writing Episode stories worth it?

But the MAJORITY does like bad boy/cliche ha.

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Yeah exactly that’s what I mean. Most people like bad boy cliches but I want to write something original but no one’s gonna read it so my question is is it worth it then?

Yes because I really don’t think you should write for others. I think you should write for you.
The problem, is some people write for themselves, and don’t the reads they want because it’s not what the majority wants unfortunately. You have to be okay with that.


Yeah that’s the thing, my advice was how to not make their story like everyone else’s, but I did mention that they can do the bad boy cliche since they get a lot of reads

Yeah, that’s what my advice was trying to say. But bad boy cliches will always get the most reads.


Yes. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and it’s something I really enjoy


it’s only worth it if you’re doing it bc you want to. don’t do it for the reads, or the fame, or the money. do it bc you genuinely want to write stories and enjoy writing in whatever way that means for you. sure the amount of reads are nice, and it’s really encouraging to be trending really high. but don’t focus on that because eventually it will lead to your downfall. and you’ll stop writing the story you want, but the story you think will get you the most reads.


yeah, it’s pretty fun


In my opinion writing on episode gives you a sense of accomplishment and you know its your creation makes you feel proud and even if your story is not the best at the end of the day some people may like and some may not and that’s what writing is all about. You learn from other writer’s mistakes and you strengthen them. If for you making stories is about receiving reads than that’s you but if you are really passionate about what your doing you won’t care because your loud and proud(Lol) It’ll just end up stressing you and you find yourself discouraged in the the end PS: if you need help with coding you can ask @apes and many other coding queens/experts or any artists.