ISO edit artist

Anyone doing free edit requests? I need a single character edited for a cover I’m making. I would do it myself but I’m so untalented lol🤦🏽‍♀️

You will be credited! I’m looking for shading/highlights, etc!

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Here’s the character!

You can find examples in the thread!

Just fill out the form and read the rules in the site! :blush:

I gochu! Just tell me what u need done. If you can give a reference image for the pose and an image you’d like for the background I can have it done by the end of the day. Also I’m gonna need character details because a picture of them isn’t gonna work since I gotta make the character myself for the pose.

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What do you want done?

I don’t really know what type but just the basics.

No custom pose (unless they want to)

Just shading, highlighting, extra details, etc

Hey. I have lots of experience in editing. Here are some examples of my edits, you can find more my work on my IG: @dyan.stories


That looks awesome! Are they free?

Of course! :smiling_face:

Okay! Where can I fill out a request?

You can send everything into pm. Such as character details, clothing, extra details, title if needed :smiling_face:

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you can’t charge for edits. they’re all free. :heart:

Oh wow I didn’t know that! is it an actual rule?

yep! you can’t charge for episode’s assets in any form. the more you know

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I looked on your insta (cardd link) and saw that your edit requests are closed… :thinking: Your model form was open but doesn’t that mean that you make an edit and use only the character?

Omg your edits are beautiful!!

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i dmed u :two_hearts:

Hey. Yes my edits are closed as I no longer make edits for others, as I just don’t have time :sweat_smile: some people also tried using my edits as their own by blocking me so I just decided to close requests for good. Just from time to time I make for those who ask for help in the forums, or sometimes I make for contests for those who can’t pay for a commission :blush:


by this, you mean drawn art, right? as edits can’t be charged for.