ISO hotel lobby

Hey I need a hotel front desk/lobby area background w overlay. Please can someone help me!

FlowerGriefer has one with overlays.

:tulip: FlowerGriefer’s Backgrounds :tulip: - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (

All you have to do is go to her thread, run CTRL + F, then search key word ‘hotel’ in the topic and it will come up.

I don’t have a computer to look on… can you tell me the page number ?

503 :blush:

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I saved it but it’s not the right size ? What did I do wrong

Um it usually changes the size and quality if you download it by ‘save as’ sometimes. Since you don’t have a computer now, I could email it to you so you can download it from there.

Sometimes her bgs are the wrong sizes so I usually use this site to resize them if that helps.

Helpful Image Tools

Could you size them right to me and send them via pm pls?

Still looking

Still looking

Did this not work or do you need something else?

I need help resizing ir

It fit perfectly when I tried to upload it. But here I’ll send it again try this-