Issue coding my first story using limelight

I have coded on the older versions of episode such as ink however my latest story I am creating using limelight. I’m finding that the preview screen skips straight from my opening black screen to the last “to be continued…” screen, no matter what I have written between them. There are no errors and I can’t figure out why it isn’t working. Have I missed something really simple? Help is greatly appreciated.

do you have any dialogue in between? can you post your script?

I’ve added some text but now it wont move to the “to be continued…” line. I’ve not got much code as I only just started and hit this wall

try deleteing the second INT. BLACK NIGHT, you wont need it until you’re done. and it looks like you’re using spotlight? i’m not sure how that works, as ive never used it but i feel like that might have something to do with it since the characters can’t actually walk onto the screen. that’s a guess though. i dont see any other reason for it to skip.

I think it’s because Katie needs a talk action, and you’ll want to add a walk_neutral_loop action to when she enters. <-- disregard that if you’re using spotlight. But anyway. So the script would be like:

KATIE (talk_greet_neutral)
Hey guys

Thanks! It doesn’t randomly skip now but it cant get the character on the screen even if i move her position. Any ideas why?

Are you writing in spotlight? If you are, disregard the above statement too babe, with the talk_greet, I thought you were using Cinematic. Follow this instead: