Issue with animations going into other scenes

So I have this issue with characters performing animations in a previous scene in the following.

For as long as I’ve been writing I know that all characters are set to neutral which is idle/facing right at the start of a new scene unless directed otherwise.

Now the thing is this doesn’t happen in the script preview but happens in app.

This usually happens when I add a character doing a specific animation while the previous scene ends then put them in the following scene with just a facing command knowing that they should be idle, but then see them doing the same animation from the last scene.

Is anyone having this problem?

Note: I’m using the apk method because it seems episode wasn’t built to run on phones 6 inches or above due to black borders. (If this might be the issue)

Do I need to go back and add an idle command to all the characters that need to be in that state? :tired_face::cry::sob: