Issue with app preview

Hello there! I have been having an issue with my writers portal preview and app preview not matching up. The problem is only with one characters spot directing in one scene. I place him where I want him to be on writers portal but when I go to preview on the app, he is much shorter than I want him to be. I could make him taller on my writers portal, but then I wouldn’t know exactly where he is placed when I go to preview on the app, and I wouldn’t know where to place the camera for zooms. I haven’t had this issue in my first 3 episodes, and I have emailed episode support days ago and still no response. I was hoping maybe someone else has had this issue and could help me out as I want to publish my 4th episode asap! Thank you! <3

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i know there was a spot directing glitch a couple months ago, but they fixed it, maybe post your script im sure someone can help.

I’m having this issue right now, were you able to fix it?

Hi there! Sadly I haven’t found anything that would completely fix it, but I have found some short-term solutions. Here are two of the things I have done:

  1. For the episode that it started to be messed up on, I just went into the app and had to do spot directing and zooms from my phone (which is kind of a pain), but at least it was only for one character.
  2. In my next episode I decided to make a copy of the character and change the display name to just their name, you would then just use the copy’s name in your script. If it’s a character that wasn’t customizable you can just leave it at that. For me personally, it was my love interest which had been able to be customized so in that case, I just used the command @CHARACTERCOPY becomes CHARACTER so the features that were customized were changed.

Episode did eventually get back to me after I did the quick fix on my phone and here were some of their solutions:

  1. Try clearing your web browser’s cache, history and browsing data.
  2. Turn off or disable your browser extensions.
  3. Try using a different web browser. The writer portal worse best on Google Chrome.
  4. Try to sign out completely, fully close your browser, reopen it, and sign back in.
  5. Try using a different laptop or desktop computer.
    They then went on to say that if none of those resolved my issue, to replace the character with a new one, or copy my script over into a new story ID (which is nowhere near ideal).

With Episode’s suggestions, some of them weren’t ideal or just simply did not work. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I understand how frustrating and unmotivating this issue is. Hope one of these helps you! :slight_smile:

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I will try clearing my browsers, maybe even sign out on the portal!
I use chrome for the portal, I delted the app on my phone and signed back in, I’ll do it on the portal as well!

Thank you for replying! I will try everything out!

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