Issue with changing character features

Hi guys,

I have the next issue:
When I change the hair style or the eye color of a character for a scene, then I check my progress in the app, even if I reset the progress a thousand times, the character will still have the new hair/eye in the former scenes/chapters. (I changed it back to the original at the end of the scene, though.)
I don’t know if it’s a glitch or I do something wrong. :s Does anyone have an idea?

Edit: Meanwhile I tried to solve this issue by adding a doppelgänger (I even created the same outfit for him) and deleting those “@CHARACTER changes …” commands, but that new eye color is still there. >< I’m gonna kill myself.:exploding_head:

it’s probably a glitch, everything should be fine as long you changed back :slight_smile:

It’s just how the scripting works, you’ll have to put in the code to change back to the original features if it bothers you

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I changed back the character’s original eye color, but he still had the new. Then I deleted the whole “changing stuff” from the script and created a doppelgänger, rewrote the scene with using him, but the original character still has that damn eye color. ><

ugh this happens to me too. Like when for example the MC changes their hairstyle for an event or something, i restart the story to check for errors and at the very beginning the MC has the new hair. Fmll

But does it look like that at everyone or only at me? ><

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Yes, now it looks you’re right since I asked a friend to check it and she sees the original eye color while I see the changed one. ><

What do you mean? Yes, it happens to me too :((

I mean, when I use the app review, the character’s eyes are not the original color but the one I changed to. (The funny thing is that I’ve already deleted the “@CHARACTER changes eyesColor to …” command and used a doppelgänger who looks exactly the same but with other eye color :,D, and my character’s eyes are still red instead of black brown. xD) But does the same happen when someone else reads my story? (Meanwhile my friend opened my story, and at her my character’s eyes are black brown. But still it’s annoying that I can’t normally check my progress because I don’t see the same results as a reader. Sorry, if it’s a mess, my son doesn’t let me think, lol. :,D)

Ah right. I don’t think so. The same thing happened to me but when I watched my sister play my episode nothing was weird. I think it’s just your version and if you yourself preview it.

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Yeah, it looks like that now. I still messaged the help desk. They might do some update sooner or later and solve this preview issue.

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as long as youve coded it to change back thats normal

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